Enjoy Plazma Burst 3 Online

Extremely popular and interesting flash game – Plazma Burst 3 is now here and it is ready to bring you whole new challenges

Third version of Plazma Burst

The Plazma Burst 3The latest Plazma flash game is finally here! After many ads and trailers about game, it was worth the long wait. The game is more addictive compared to previous versions. The start menu has some changes, you are able to select several kinds of games for you to play. The game has some features, like you are able to share your score to social networks in addition to new main character upgrades. The Plazma Burst 3 game has a multi player option to play with other people all over the world. Additionally, you can design your own custom map for which you play with your imagination.

Game instructions
In the initial scene you are required to select your marine solider. Next, you will be provided with instructions, to know what you are required to do. Begin your mission and attempt to gather all the intel's you require to discover the next level clues. After each successful level, you will get points and money that you are able to use in the shop to improve weapons and armor of your marine solider.

charactersGame Controls
Basic Movement Controls

A - is for moving left,
S - is for crouching,
D - is used to move right,
W/Space - is used for jumping,
X - is for falling,
V - is used to drop current weapon,
Q - enables you to see the last used weapon,
G - enables you to throw a classic grenade,
E - is for use or to activate a button,
Mouse Wheel Up - scrolls to the next weapon,
Mouse Wheel Down - scrolls to the previous weapon.

Single Player Edit

C - is for using kinetic mode and it permits users to lift objects like dead enemies, barrels, weapons.
Enter - is used for the game's console,
Tab - is used to change active hero,
Z - Time Warp is used to activate slow motion, and it causes a player to be faster than other players.

Multi player Edit

Enter - is used to Chat,
T - is used for Team Chat,
Tab - shows the Leader board which indicates the person with the most kill death ratio at the moment and the player in the current match,
Z - is used to create a Shield nade which deploys a grenade that explodes forming a circular shield, that can reflect rail gun or other
grenade attacks outside,
C - Creates a Teleport nade which deploys a grenade that explodes teleporting the player to where the grenade is, additionally if fired while the player is close to spawning, the player will perish when receiving the damage.